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January 9, 2009

  • Added the digital drawing 'Pain' to the Gallery.


January 4, 2009

Alright, so the foolproof, easy-to-use-and-update site I set up just four months ago - crashed.... Yeah... fun, huh? And it's beyond me how to save the thing as it was a third-party solution and the issue is out of my hands.

So after a few hours of hairpulling and some new bald spots, I dug the hole, shoved the old site in and covered it up. I suppose the blurb here about it is me putting the tombstone on the grave. Old site is no more. *deep sigh*

So, new beginings. For the friggen umth time. And before anyone asks - I write using the name Vilia Kinell, I sign my drawings with 'Natalie' and I tag my videos with 'Jinx's Minx'. 'Neminat' is an old moniker of mine that simply kind of stuck.

Just so we're clear on that. =)



  • Long time coming - the previous dysfunction of my earlier site has hopefully been mended!
  • A new gallery for the ArtWork has been installed.
  • The blog is gone. I realized the site actually had very little use for it.
  • Some minor changes in the layout.
  • Links updated and exchanged.
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